Spring and “Green” Resources for Kids

photo by ArminH

For parents needing some fresh ideas to go with the season, Education.com has a great Earth Day Center Page with science activities and crafts for children. Their section on “Recycling Crafts” are great ways to help children learn to re-use materials at home to make new things – often without spending a cent! Many of these are suitable for children younger than school-age (with adult supervision, of course).

Some things you’ll find:

Grow Your Own Avocado Plant. Now, if we could just get the kiddos to make us guacamole.

Beanstalk in a Box I’m pretty sure I did this in school. It was fun.

For any kid who likes to play “air guitar” to any kind of music: Make a Shoe box Guitar

For anyone who’s lonelyCreate a Recyclable Creature

Have fun!

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