Spring: Give Me a Break


It’s break time!

It’s my first spring break as a parent. When I was a teacher, I remember heading out to the parking lot, smile on my face, so ready for a week of my own. A rest from 12-hour days, actually sitting down to eat lunch. (Come to think of it, actually eating lunch).

Sending those little ones home to their parents for a whole week – plus some.

Of course, I always worked a lot on teaching stuff during spring break:

  • Papers
  • Lesson planning & activities
  • Cleaning up my classroom
  • Catching up (but hardly ever getting ahead).
Oh, teachers: can I get an Amen?

Now, I’m the parent. The family dynamic will change with a big brother home, and no distraction of traveling to to see grandparents & extended family a la Christmastime. And Daddy works, so no trips.

They’re all mine. All day.

I’ll be on call 24/7, as always. My workdays are 12-hours long, and I probably won’t sit down at lunch. How did that happen?

But it’s all cool. We’ll be doing some stuff:

  •  Finish getting gardens ready for spring planting. We’ll get down and dirty.
  •  We’re already dirty, so we’ll stay outside and have science!
  •  Play dates with friends – the ones you don’t get to see much when you start school.
  •  Play cars and Legos (you know it)
  •  Clean up bedrooms a bit, clear out come clutter
  •  Do laundry, like, every day. the kids will love it
  •  Chase the one-year-old. I’ll have another kid to help with that.
  •  Watch a movie or two (it’s going to rain). We’ll also probably play in the mud.
  •  Do some painting. Possibly some crafts.
I certainly won’t get caught up around the house, much less get ahead. But it’s okay. After all, it’s their spring break, not mine, right? (Wait, when is mine?)
Are you a parent getting kids all week? Or a teacher who is sending them off? Do you have a plan in form of a bulleted list? Or are you taking each day as it comes?

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  1. Well, until yesterday all of my plans were foiled by the rain. Our plans had been that we were going to spend all of Spring Break outdoors, except when we were asleep. At night, I had also planned to clean a lot of the house, including a thorough cleaning and re-organizing of my daughter’s bedroom. I got the rest of the house cleaned, but not the kiddo’s room. Maybe I can get that done today. Naw…I think I’ll just go out for coffee instead. ;)

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